Jun 26, 2008

What Would You Like to Drink? Sot Drink or Coconut?

If you go to tourists place such as Tanah Lot you will notice that there are many little cafes adn restaurant which offer coconut milk or water or milk?? Far from it , it is not the milk, it is just the water of coconut. Fresh coconut, usually the green coconut, are available almost in every corner at Tanah Lot Temple. why green? I think it is the taste is better than the yellow or orange coconut or red coconut, but it is also bigger in size.

The coconuts are placed out side the cafe or restaurant where you can see. It is still fresh. Go order one coconut, and the seller will take a machete and make a hole in the coconut shell. Once yhey finish, they put a straw in the holes. There you can suck the coconut water from

Here is another variation. Put some ice and so it taste better and cooler. Some people, especially the Balinese, put sugar on it. (Wonder why? well, to taste sweeter). But people can have something else on it, they can put some arak (palm wine) and it become very alcoholic!

Anyhow, try the fresh coconut in the Tanah Lot Temple or anywhere you find it.. It's another thing you can enjoy during your visit to this spectacular temple.

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