Jun 26, 2008

Trekking to Waterfall of Gitgit

Trekking to Gitgit waterfall in BaliOn your tour to the north Bali, you will usually stop at this stunning waterfall. Some tour operator prefer to go there before arriving at Lovina, but some others stop after Lovina. I personally like to visit this waterfall after Lovina, on the way back from north Bali.

From the picture, you can see it is multi tiered waterfall. And it is such a beautiful view. You just need to be fit to go there. The route path to the waterfall is very challenging with lots of ups and downs.

You'll walk across lush plantation (tropical forest) and reach the waterfall after walking for about 300 meters. But believe me, the walk feels more than 300 meters. When you arrive in the waterfall you will astonished by the beauty of the waterfall.

Note that there are some a couple waterfalls around Gitgit If you want to visit this particular waterfall, you should bear in mind that is the "multi tiered" waterfall.

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