Jun 15, 2008

Luwak Coffee At Seribatu Village

Rare may it seem, but you can get the luwak coffee here in Bali.

Okay, now what is luwak coffee? Luwak is a kind of nocturnal animal which resembles a cat and consumes fruits like papaya, or banana. But wait, it also eats coffee beans. This coffee beans travel to the animal eschopagus, and passing through intestines, bowels, and finally comes out as droppings.

Here is the strange thing. The coffee beans is still in perfect condition (intact) when it comes out as dropping. The coffee farmer eagerly wake up at down to hunt for this droppings in the forest or gardens. Feeling ecstatic, they will dry the droppings, and extract the coffee beans. They know this is the most wonderful coffee in the world, and most expensive too.

What? No, you are kidding. That's the respond I got from Charlene ( an Australian tourists). So, I took her and two other tourists Mike (from California) and Joan (from England) to Seribatu village where they can see the animal called the civet. When we arrived there, she was speechless because she thought that I made stories about the droppings. Well, sometimes as tour guide you need to create stories, because basically we are story teller to a certain degree.

They did not get the coffee bean because a very plausible reason. Their imaginations about the coffee beans traveling to the civet's tummy and droppings become very vivid that they loose interest with the coffee.

But they forget the fact that Civet coffee is the most delicious coffee in the world, ask any proffesional coffe drinker. And it is the dearest in the world market.

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