Jun 22, 2008

An Evening in Ubud

I went to Ubud one evening with two clients form California (US). The plan was we are going to watch a cultural performance at The Puri Saren or Ubud Palace. Ubud Palace was just situated in the center of Ubud, just opposite of Ubud art market. In one corner, there is this Ibu OKa suckling pig stall, and next to the stall is the village hall where the locals hold meeting.

This time the Legong dance was performed in the village hall instead of the Puri Saren. On the normal day., the show of Legong. or Ramayana, depending on the day you are here, is held in the outer yard of the palace.

Ubud legong dance ticket

The palace in Bali is a compound with lots of open building (pavilion). Palace in Bali i is much totally different. It looks like a Bali temple. Have you seen a Bali temple? It is divided into three yards. The outer, middle, and main yard.The main courtyard is where the prayer is taking place.

The same thing goes with the palace. And it's in the outer yard where the dance show is performed.

As we got there, the Legong dance was performed in the village hall next to the palace. Why? because there was this grand ceremony in of cremation being prepared the palace. So, we headed up to the village hall.

We parked our van in the parking spot in the market and walked to the village hall. There were many tourists walking or strolling along the center. I thougth they were going ot the restaurants or just shopping in the little shops around the town center.

The village hall, like all village halls in Bali, is an open building. The building has roof but no wall around it. Only for this show they put black cloth hanging surrounding the hall so people would not be able to see the dance from outside. It's a paid performacne.

You buy the ticket at the front village hall. Each ticket for this about one and half our show cost you about RP80000 or 9 usd. At the time we got there, the seats were nearly full. I was there at about 7 10 PM.. the show will start at 7.30 and finish by 9.

The show was begun by the Gamelan music being played by the players. Dance after dance is performed. There is an old dance, or mask dance. There was also a drama about good versus evil taken from the Mahabrata story (Hindu tales about two families).

The dance can be a little bit too long. Some people left before the show is over. But more stayed. I can see there are about 80 spectators. Mostly Japanese tourists. I think at the time I am writing this journal, the number one visitor of Bali tis Japanese tourists.

"The show was good" said one my client. "It is a good introduction of the beautiful Balinese culture."

Then we went back to Kuta.

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  1. I was in Ubud in May.

    I'd like to help promote Retreats to go from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Ubud, Bali.