Mar 12, 2008

Calm pieceful village of Penglipuran

Traditional Bali Village
Traditional Village in Bali
Penglipuran Village is located in Bangli regency, about 60 kilometres from Denpasar the capital city. It has about 170 families living in this village, and their house have same layout. All stretched from north to South. The northern part of the village is where the village temple is located. If you go further behind the temple, you will reach the bamboo forest.

They use bamboo as tiles for their house roof. They also make other things from bamboo such as walls, wind chimes, chairs or pavilions.

At the back of each house, you will see their garden. They plant coffee, snake skin fruit, jack fruit or spices. They also have pig sty with a couple of pigs.

When you visit the house, you can see their houses are not a single buildings. But it is divided into several buildings of different functions such as main family building, kitchen, and pavilion which serves like a living room since this is where they have their visitors to sit.

The kitchen is a higher building, about 50 cm above the ground with a very small and low door. Inside the kitchen, there is a traditional stove with fire wood as its fuel, and next to it is a bed. The bed is for having short sleep while waiting the rice cooking.

There is an opening in the border wall which connect one house to the next house. So, people can walk freely from one house to the next house through this opening. I think the idea is that once they are all big families that they are somehow related to each other.

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