Feb 16, 2008

Rice Field Terraces at Tegalalang

rice field in tegalalang

Tegalalang village, beside the Jatiluwih, is a village you can stop to admire the view of rice terraces. Located just north of Ubud, the rice field can be easily spotted from the main road. It spreaded to little hills and valleys by the main road.

Depending on the season you come to visit Bali, the rice terraces have different colours. It's black because of mud when farmers plough the fields. It's green when the paddy is already growing, and yellow when it is due harvesting.

The farmers build terraces to grow rice so they can better manage the soil. It is not suitable, if not impossible, to grow rice on a slope because rice need still water.

Tegalalang village is quite busy during the days because there tourists bus stopping just take pictures of rice fields. If you want to stay longer, there are local cafes, or small restaurants where you can sit and enjoy the food and the view rice field.

There are also street vendors who try to sell you pencils, bone statues, postcards, chopsticks, chess set, wooden statues, and fruit basket. As long as you have learnt on how to say no to them, there should be any problem.

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