Feb 17, 2008

Meet Komodo Dragon at Singapadu

Singapadu Village has a different attraction for visitors. Besides the stone carving area, it is also where the Reptile Park are located. Here is your chance to learn about all those slimy animals since many varieties are presented here.

Many kind of snakes can be seen in their glass cages. There are the phytons, cobras, rattle snake and lots of other snakes. Lizards, from the smallest gecko to the big crocodille also joined in in the park. Frogs from different size, colours and types look at you from behind their cages. Not just from local area, but from all over the world.

The setting of the park which imitates forest is also another plus point. When you walk around the park you will feel that you've been transported to a remote and wild tropical forest. There is an ancient temple like building in the middle of the 'forest' to make it more believable. Soon, you will begin to feel like Indiana Jones.

At a certain point of the park, you can see the Komodo dragon. So, you don't have to go far away to see the dragon but see it here in Bali. Maybe not all the cages are filled with the dragon. One or two maybe vacant with notice that "the Komodo need their privacy" because they are mating, or getting married.

Next door is the Bird park, if you want to continue your adventure to watch many beautiful birds. Just remember to pay for the ticket before you jump in into the rainforest adventure.

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