Dec 21, 2007

When Is The Best Time to Visit Bali?

"When is the best time to visit Bali?" I often got this question asked to me. Not just once, but a lot of time. When you ask this question, I know what you mean is more than this simple question. You want to know when to visit Bali so you can have great times in Bali without any disturbance, for instance, rain or peak season.

Rain seems to be the main concern for the visitors. I can understand that because rain can "ruin" your holiday. It is hard to enjoy Bali when rain pour from one morning to the next morning.

Let's talk about rain first. We have two seasons in Bali, the dry season and the wet season. The dry season is "scheduled" from April to October, while wet season starts from October to April. So, if you don't fancy rain in your holiday, best time to come is between April to October when the dry season is "on".

The wet season, however, is not really really that wet. If you think rain is pouring down on our island for six months every day, that's not quite the fact. It only starts to rain, usually in December, and January. And occasionally we'll get a little bit of rain on February, March and it vanishes into thin air in April.

So, it is more chance throught out the year you will see sun shine compared to rain.

But the number of visitors visiting Bali is also determined by other things, i.e. public holidays. That's why July and August is the peak season here since it is school holidays. Many families with their children spend their holidays in Bali during this time.

When there is a holy celebration throughout Indonesia, such as end of Ramadhan, the Bali island will be full of domestics tourists from other parts of the country. Mostly they come from Java.

During the holidays, there many tour groups from Java which come to Bali on 40 seat busses. They go will go to the popular tourist spots such as Kintamani and Tanah Lot Temple. This is the time when Bali can be a little bit crowded.

Besides tour groups, there are also families traveling with private cars from Java flocking in tourists are, mostly Kuta. They also want a piece of sun set in Kuta, and that's why Kuta beach is full with people who eagerly staring at the reddish sky in the afternoon. Cars are parked along the way, I know they shouldn't, but they do. (Note: If you stay out from Kuta at these peak times, you'll be able to enjoy your quality time holiday, if you stay, for instance, in Sanur, or Nusa Dua and even Ubud.)

So, those are only things you need to pay attention when visiting Bali. Conclusion?? When is the best time to visit Bali? Should you avoid wet season? Should you avoid peak season? I am sure that there will be also other considerations you will have to make. And the decision is yours.

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