Nov 22, 2007

Finding A Bali Tour Guide and Driver

Since having this blog, I have received many emails asking for a tour guide who is also a driver in Bali. I always try to reply as quick as I can, but since I am usually on tour and far away from my computer, then I have to wait before I can write back.

But I also would like to say thank you to you all who have sent me emails and using my service as a tour guide or driver. Since there are many people that come to Bali wanting tour guide and driver, and I can not handle it by myself, then I decided to organize all friends that I know who works in tourism business. So, if you have plan coming to Bali, and would like to hire a tour guide and driver you can do it through me. My friends and I will be ready to take you around the island. You can decide where you want to go, or you can consult me your itenerary by writing email to me.

What Are Inluded in Our Tour?

What normally included in our service is, first, English speaking driver or tour guide. We have years of experience handling tourists so we can understand what the characteristics of different nationalities of the tourists who visited Bali. We learnt about our clients' like and dislike in order to give them better service. We also know major tourists areas and as well as remote area if you're interested more of the country side and rice fields.

The vehicle that we use are mini buses which can ideally hold five people. They have air condition (with petrol included). So, there is no need to worry about heat and humidity as you go touring around the island. The car is fully licensed in a way that it can take passengers or tourists. And oh yes, of course we have driver's license. During the tour the police usually stop us for license and car insurance as prerequisite for running tourism transportation business, so we are prepared for that.

During the tour, we make the itenary very flexible. Meaning, you can stop wherever you like and spend time in the place you like as long as you wish. There is no hustle like in a big tourist bus where you need to stay in certain place for an allotted time.

Being flexible also mean you can stop any time for taking photos, as long there is enough time. You can take photo in most of the tourist places in Bali. It is okay to do that. Note that, if you like to take picture of the Balinese people, better ask permission first, normally they would be very happy to have their picture taken, especially the children.

For this tour, because it is a private tour, and you decide where you want to go, we don't include entrance ticket or toll, or meal in our rate. This is not a big problem, though. All the entrance ticket for tourists objects in Bali is usually inexpensive. You will pay between USD 30 cent to USD 1.1, unless you visit cultural shows or visit parks such as Elephant Park or the Bird Park, it will definitely cost more.

The rate of this private tour is about between USD 35 to USD 40 for one full day depending on you itenary or the distance of the tour. And the price includes; air conditioned car, petrol, driver/tour guide. It does not include ticket or toll. Personal insurance for passenger is also not included.

Places To Visit if You have but short visit in Bali

If you'd like to visit tourists area in Bali, be sure to check out this blog. I have put information on tourists objects around the island. You can start reading this: most popular tours in Bali. But you can also design your own tour deciding which place that most interest you. And then leave everything to us, we will take you there.

Where can you go in Bali if you have only short visit? Good question. There are many places to visit, but to give you the taste of Bali, you can visit Kintamani, Ubud, Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, and Jimbaran. If you like water sports, like snorkelling, diving, parasailing, and jet skiing, you can go to Tanjung Benoa. Watch the sun set at Uluwatu temple while watching Kecak (monkey dance) or Tanah Lot or you can also spend an evening in famous place for sea food in Jimbaran Bay. You can do much more than that, you can haggle over prices at Ubud market, feed monkeys at the monkey forests, admire the scenery at Bedugul, or visit the Bali coffee tasting village.

So, that is a little story about touring in Bali. We strive to give you the best service. Our mission is to give you educative but relaxing tour. We are sure that after holidaying in Bali you will go home as a different person, e.g happier person.

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