Nov 28, 2007

Bali Shanti Shanti Shanti; The Brand New Bali

Bali Shanti SymbolFor centuries, the number three is very important in Bali'nese Hindu in Bali island. For example, the number 3 can be clearly seen in the brand new logo of Bali introduced in June 2007.

First, the shape is a triangle. The triangle actually means stability and harmony. Besides, it also represent the three manifestation of God, Brahma (the creator), Wisnu (the preserver) and Siva (the sin destroyer). The Balinese belief in the existence of 3 worlds, called Bhur, Bwah, and Swah which is also indicated by the triangel. There is three stages of life, birth, life and death.

Next, the popular concept of Tri Hita Karana (three that causes happiness) does underlie the idea of the new logo of Bali. It is the THK that actually is believed to be responsible to the peaceful feeling and harmony the visitors feel when they step their foot on the Bali island. What are those three creating happiness?

The three things that causes happiness are

  • Parahyangan: the harmonious relationship between men and God

  • Pawongan: the harmonious relatioship amongst men.

  • Palemahan: the harmonious relationship betwen men and nature.

If you look at the logo, the letter B in the word Bali is actually shaped to resemble the number 3. This shape is also similar to the Balinese sacred letter, ang. Ang itself represents the Brahma, the manifestation of God as creator. The logo has three colours: red, black, and white which respectively represent Brahma, Wisnu and Siva.

The word Shanti (meaning peace) is repeated three times at the bottom of the logo. Three times repeating this word is believed to bring peace and harmony to the person saying that.

The whole idea is to create Bali as the only "the world sanctuary of harmonious peace". Hopefully we can achieve it.

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  1. balifriend9:57 PM

    keep posting your blog is time for us 'balinese' to post our view about bali. Let show 'bali by bali'

  2. god post bli.. keep posting.. keep bali AJEG with new branding.. shanti shanti shanti..