Oct 24, 2007

Sanur Village; A Quiet Tourist Area in The Eastern Coast

Sanur is a tourist area which was a fisherman village, that you can achieve by driving twenty minutes from the Denpasar air port. What's in Sanur? Well, if you'd like a quiter place than Kuta, Sanur is the right place. There are less shops, traffics, or street vendors compared to Kuta.

Along the main street of Sanur, there are shops which sell souvenirs, banks, Hardy's shopping centre, money changers, home stays and hotels which range from budget hotels to the internatioanl chain of the Bali Hyatt. To get taxi is also not a big problem, they are just wandering in the streets. If you prefer you can walk along the pavement along the main street at night time, since probably it is a bit hot during the day.

From the main street, it is only a few metres to the beach. Most of the hotels are built by the beach with the beach view, so if you stay here, beach is just very close. Many Balinese, during the weekend, spend their time with their families in the certain area of the beach, especially close to the Grand Bali Beach Hotel. There are quite a lot of activities you can do in Sanur, from canoing to snorkelling. Sanur is not, by the way, a place for surfing.

Some of the good hotels, that I know, are Sanur Beach Hotel, The Bali Hyatt, The Puri Santrian and Griya Santrian. But before you go there, you should check them at other places (not in this blog). You can eat at many restaurants in Sanur, they are located in the main street and by the beach. A good way to spend an evening is to go to this restaurant which located by the beach.

So, that's a little bit of info about Sanur.

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