Oct 14, 2007

A Master Wood Carver from Mas Village

Mas village is a welknown village for the woodcarver. Many of the famous wood carver come from this village. I was lucky to meet one of the wood carver. His name is Pak Tiru. In the photo that I took from my phone, he was working on his wooden statue.

It is going to take six months to accomplish such a statue. It was two meters high and the material is local wood called Suar wood. The statue he is working on now depicts the Goddess of knowledge, Saraswati.

Indeed, Mas village and surrounding villages like Kemenuh, Ubud, and Tegalalang has many wood carver artists. If you drive to the Kintamani, you will see a lot of them displaying their works by the street. The statues have many varieties, from the classical statues depicting deities, or contemporary theme like dolphin. The material used are mahogany, ebony, hibiscus, and crocodile wood.

If you visit Bali, make sure you witness the wood carver in action, if you have time.

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