Oct 11, 2007

Five Reasons to Rent Villa in Bali

You have many options for staying in Bali from homestays, budget hotel, star hotel, or villa. Depending on what your purpose and length of stay, or most importantly, budget you can choose any accomodation you need. Some people prefer to stay in villa than in hotel. Here are the reasons to stay in villa.

  1. Staying in a villa can be more economical compared to staying in hotel but with the equal luxury. You can stay in a villa with beautiful private garden, air conditioned bed rooms, spacious living, dining area, private swimming pool for the cost less than staying in good hotel in Bali. (It can cost US$100 to US$600 per room per night. staying in the hotel).

  2. You can choose to stay in villa that reflect the Balinese lifestyle. For example, floors and wall are made form local wood. Other part of building are natural stone. Large and airy living room, gardens with full of flowers and plants are also part of the Balinese style. This is all private.

  3. Many varieties of services are available to spoil you. You can have cooks, maids, house boys, spa therapist, laundress, gardeners, night guards, and drivers. Just take what you think you need.

  4. More space, more privacy, more informality and more personal service are available compared to staying in hotels.

  5. You can have local meals prepared for you or do your own cooking. (There is little chance you can do your own cooking in the hotel.) But you can also go to nearby restaurants if you don't feel like cooking your self. You can just buy the food in the restaurants and have them served at the villa where you stay. The cost of meal will be less expensive compared to the big hotels in Nusa Dua.

Depending on your purpose to stay in Bali, but villa in the longer term can save you money. For example, you can save money on the bills. Staying at a hotel where all "extras" (breakfast, lunch, dinner, laundry, telephone, Internet, plus Bali's 21% tax & service charge ) can double or triple your bill.

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