Oct 26, 2007

Finding Ketut Cantik (The Beautiful Ketut)

I have several emails coming because of this blog. One of them is very unique. It was from a guy in Western Australia. He came through Google searching for "Balinese phrase" or maybe "Indonesian phrase" and ended up in my blog. And he eventually decided to write this strange email to me. (Later I knew he looked up at Google for this phrases to write a letter to a balinese girl)

In his email, Ted (not actually his real name) asked if it was possible for me to find a girl named Ketut who live some where in Legian (Legian is located north of Kuta) or got somebody to find this girl if I did not want to do it. Hmm, for a start there are at least 500,000 Ketuts in Bali, but if she live in Legian that would narrow down the search. I replied his email saying,"I'll take the job." After all, I have been always dreaming to be a detective and I would treat this as my first case.

Ted met Ketut when he was in Bali. He had a great time with her and her family (brother) when Ted visieted Bali several months ago. I think there was a special feeling Ted had. He was so happy when he was here and that Ketut and her family gave him good time. This is only what I think, I could be wrong. What was crystal clear is that there is something which cause Ted want to meet her and her family again.

Here is the problem. Ketut is a traditional or simple girl. She does not have any cell phone or Internet. She speaks little English And, Ted does not know her postal address.

Ted would like to send some photos of her and himself just to "make her day", but he did not know where to send. But he knew where about to could find her, though. He gave me a map telling me where the photos are taken and that I should look for her in that area. He also asked my rate, how much I charged for this service. I just said the amount and told him to transfer the fund to my account in Swittzerland bank... just kidding.

The day finally came for Detective Putu. I have prepared my gear, the letters, the photos and of course, the map. I would also like to bring a magfinying glass or a telescope, but I considered it unecessary. And so, I head up to Legian from Denpasar where I live. Questions playing in my head," will I find her? will she still here? is it going to be easy."

I ride my motor bike for twenty minutes and begin to slow down in Legian street. Then I went to Double Six street where A J Hacket Bungee Jumping is situated and there was a rough road by the Jayakarta hotel that I took next. Somewhere here where I should find her.

And there she was.

Standing in front of the restaurant with two other girls. (Hm, maybe she work for that restaurant, I think). I looked at her. I stared at her, just to make sure she was the right Ketut. The girl whom I looked turned away uneasily and so I stopped my motor bike. I grabbed the photos from my bag and quickly asked to one of the girls (actually I have imagined myself doing this many times),"Excuse me, I am looking for a girl in this photo.."

The girl scanned the photo in my hand quickly. "Hm, that's my sister over there, hey, Ketut come here."

Ketut came and took the photo we had a little conversation, I introduced my self, telling her that I am a tour guide and this was my client wanting me to pass over a letter and several photos. She thanked me again and again. But I said to her, that I need to take her photo to prove to Ted that I actually met Ketut. She did not mind to pose for me.

I took her photo several times with my camera. So, then I said good bye to her because I have accomplished my mission. This was not as hard as I thouhgt before. Phew.

I reported back by email to Ted who excitedly replied that he was so happy. He could not wait to come to Bali again in December, that's in another two months from now (or the moment I write this post) and meet Ketut. What would happen next in December 2007? Will they meet? Will Ketut be happy seeing him or what? I don't know, because my mission is finished already and I don't think I would be around to find the end story whether it is a good end or a sad end because my mission or my case is closed now.

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  1. A great story! I like that. I'm An who arrive in Bali on April 22 and booked you a taxi. Will you meet us there, 5 crazy girls from Vietnam? :))