Sep 19, 2007

A Peek Inside Luxurious Area: Nusa Dua Bali

Twenty minutes drive south of Denpasar airport, at the southern part of Bali island, Nusa Dua is located. Nusa Dua means two islands. Though it is not really two islands, but two head lands which extend towards the sea where small temples are located in each ‘island’. It was built for the higher class tourists, though since the 2002 bombing, the price has been significantly decreasing.

In Nusa Dua you will not see any street vendors, hawkers, or people selling cheap sun glasses. It is an isolated area from the Balinese community. You enter the area passing a big traditional split gate and a modern security checking stop with camera checking underneath car. Once you pass the security, you will enter a street surrounded with beautiful gardens, ponds, lawn and an 18-holes golf course. But there are drivers offering transport hiding under shady trees at those gardens. So, when you walk in the pavement beside the garden, sometimes they will jump to you from nowhere offering for “transport”.

You will also see a shopping center called Bali Collection, formerly known as Galleria, where you will see restaurants and shops. Also with security guards, asking you questions before you enter the area. (A shuttle bus is available from your hotel to Bali collection)

The Beach of Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua Bali has beautiful white sandy beaches that you can spend time walking on the pavement along. As you walk you will pass international chain hotels like The Grand Hyatt, Westin, Hilton, The Laguna Resort (formerly known as Sheraton Lagoon), Club Med, and Club Med. Stupid fence will block your way at Melia Bali, so you need to walk near the beach, and Club Med security will give you a quiz before you can continue strolling.

Hotels in Nusa Dua

Grand Hyatt. It has 750 rooms, salsa bar good for cocktail party and children club. It has restaurant you can spend an evening called Watercourt and security guard waiting at the entrance.

Westin Hotel: Close to Bali Convention Centre. It has air-conditioned lobby, and Kid’s Club. Nice staff. Security guard and a sniffing dog at the entrance. Broadband Internet connection, I believe it is free.

The Laguna Resort (formerly, Sheraton Lagoon). Has 270 rooms, swimming pools called lagoon, landscaped islands with waterfalls. Security guard and road block placed in a way that you need to drive zigzag to reach hotel lobby.

There are also other hotels like Melia Bali Sol, Nusa Dua Beach, Club Med Bali, the luxurious Amanusa, and Inna Putri Bali which changed a little since it was built in 1970-ies.

Just Outside the Split Gate

Is where life happens. There are local shops and local restaurants you can visits. To name a few restaurants are Nelayan Sea Food restaurants, has steaks, sea food and rijstafel. Lotus Garden is another restaurant which has higher quality. Just outside the gate there are local shops that sell things like wind chimes, clothes, painting, wooden sculpture, and daily needs. If you go further from the gate, you will arrive at a shopping centre called Tragia which tragically ended (bankrupt) and a KFC (no need to explain about this).

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