Sep 23, 2007

How Much Are Things Cost in Bali?

Bali is a well known inexpensive place for holiday. Since the Indonesian currency is weak, you will get more for your money if you come, for instance, from Australia or United States. Some places are cheap, but there are also expensive places such as hotel with international quality. Bali is suitable for any budget. Top end hotels, restaurants, and boutiques are available. But local shops and food stall is inexpensive place to go.

Before going shopping in Bali, you need to have an idea of what the price of goods for sale here.This is not meant to be an absolute Bali cost guide, maybe ypu'll find the prices differs slightly from what listed in this blog. Somehow, it surely will give you an idea about the prices.

Petrol is Rp 4500 per litre or .50 cent USD.

1 beach colorful sarong is Rp. 20000 or 2.1 USD

A motor bike rent is Rp 30000 or USD 3, and in case you want to buy one (I am sure you don't) the price of new motor bike is Rp 13000000 or about 1400 USD.

A small pack of cigarette is Rp 9000 or USD 1.

A full day tour with driver and or tour guide is USD 50, that's me (the tour guide).

A kilogram lobster at Jimbaran bay might cost you 45000 or USD 5. You probably spent 15 to 20 USD for two dinner in Jimbaran Bay.

The ticket to Ubud monkey forest is Rp 10000, monkey food is Rp 5000 to 10000 but they will sell you for 20000, so you need to bargain.

One night in Grand Hyatt Hotel will cost you around USD 200, while home stay in Kuta is USD 5 for one night, ideal for backpacking.

Taxi from Nusa Dua to Kuta is about 100000 or less.

Eating at local restaurants will cost you less than USD 10. Fried rice at local food stall (warning: Bali belly) is USD 1.

And last, the most important question, how much is a bottle of beer in Bali? One big bottle of Bintang beer is Rp. 15000 or 1.6 cent USD and slightly less in local stalls.

And so that is a small list of price of goods in Bali. Hope it gives you an idea about how you'll spend your money in Bali and help the Bali economy. Piece ....:-)

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  1. hi~ I am going to Bali next year for 4 much you think the minimum expenses will be including accomodattion? (I am just a poor OL)