Aug 14, 2007

Why Bali Cat has no tail?

I often got questions from tourists that I went tour with, "Do the Balinese cut their cat’s tail?" This usually happens when they see a cat popping from people’s house or just when they see a cat in the street. If you look closely at those cats, they look like that they don’t have tail.

Yes, our cat has no tail or it has a very very short tail as small as a boy’s thumb. At least, it is not a proper tail like any other kind of cat has, for instance, Persian cat. But rest assured, we never cut any cat’s tail in Bali, not for any reason, never. Why do you think we do that? Poor cat.

The cat in Bali has short tail, that is their nature. Maybe it is because of an evolution or something like that, it is not clear to me. I have not find any reference about it. So, there is a Balinese who knows the answer, please write your comment here. I need the enlightment.

However, not all Balinese cats are born without tail. There those(should I call them?) the lucky ones who have long tails.

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