Aug 22, 2007

What Does A Snake Skin Fruit Taste Like?

1219567335_3a36418a45_mSnake fruit or snake skinned fruit is the name for a local Bali fruit called salak. Salak is very popular in Bali and accros Indonesia. The term "Salak Bali" refers to a unique taste of salak grows only in Karangasem, East Bali.

The skin, as it name implies, is resemblance of snake skin. The skin which is built of scales similar to snake’s skin is quite sharp. It will hurt your finger if you are not careful.

The shape of salak is round but there is a kind of pointed tip at one end. Just remove this tip with your hand to start peeling the snake skin fruit. It will be easier to peel this way.

Inside, there are usually white flesh with hard date inside it. You can eat the white part but not the date. It will taste sweet, dry and greasy when ripe. Some people say it taste like apple. Others say it taste like pear.

If it is not ripe, it tastes sour and greasy. To know if salak is ripe or not is quite difficult. But you can say that it is ripe when the colour turn darker. The young salak is light brown but the mature salak is dark brown. The size of ripe salak is bigger than the young salak. (How big is salak? It is small, as big as tomato, or pingpong ball.) But bear in mind that there is a special kind of snake skin fruit know as "salak gula pasir" which is smaller than the normal salak. It tastes even sweeter and more greasy.

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