Aug 30, 2007

Sun Rise Trekking to Mount Batur and Mount Agung

Trekking to the sacred mountains, watching the spectacular sun rise is an unforgettable ways of experiencing holidays in Bali. Start early in the morning to ensure you are at the top at the right time for sun rise. Enjoy the great views of the whole island from the top while enjoying your breakfast.

Here area bit of stories about these trekkings:

Trekking Mount Batur:

Mount Batur, a three-crater volcanic mountain , is 1717 meters high. Your journey is started below Mount Batur near Lake Batur at a Hindu temple called Jati temple. You will arrive at the first crater (the highest) by the sun rise. While watching the sun rise, we will serve the breakfast (steamed eggs, banana and bread). Next, you will go the explore the second craters which lastly erupted in 1963. The last crater, the lowest, will be your final stop. The third crater occasionally has smokes or hotspots and colorful beautiful stones. You will go back through a challenging trails among rocky black lava stones to the starting point at Jati temple.

Trekking Mount Agung

Trekking start at Besakih temple, (the mother temple Bali) and next continued to the Pasar Agung temple. You will arrive by the sun rise. What can you see from the top of Mount Agung? You can see almost the whole Bali island around you. And if you face east you will Mount Rinjani which located at Lombok island, to the west you will see Mount Batur and Mount Abang. You can enjoy the all the great views as well as enjoying breakfast here.

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