Aug 1, 2007

The Rough Guide to Bali and Lombok

The Rough Guide to Bali and Lombok Book

I have a quick scan on this book entitled The Rough Guide to Bali and Lombok 5 and found it is very handy for traveler. Especially it contains of detail information about places to go, how much you pay for certain things like tipping, and where to go to stay, or to eat. It is quite an interesting book for me to read, especially to look at Bali from outsider’s eyes. One very interesting explanation made I found is about introducing yourself to some one.

The book explains (page 80) that for a Balinese when meeting somebody new, or just being introduced to someone, they will say "Where do you sit?" I need to think for a moment, because, as a Balinese I never bother about where people will sit, whether they want to sit on the coach or on the sofa.

Just joking. :-)

The phrase "Where do you sit?" is translated from the Balinese phrase "Nawegang antuk linggih?" . Indeed, the word linggih means to sit, but in this regard, it talks about position in the society. So, I would never translate it as "where do you sit" but "what is your position in the society"? The answer is either brahmana, ksatrya, weisya or sudra. Those are the division of the society depending on their profession whether they become priest, government, traders, or workers. This is not actually caste system but it has turned to be such system long time ago. But in Bali it is not so popular any more.

So, when you meet new people you just say, hello how are you? or Where are you going? but never say "where do you sit?" at least, what my experiences with my friends that I have met.

Let’s go back to the Book.

The Rough Guide to Bali and Lombok is packed with lots of useful information. Several important common phrases
in Indonesian, Balinese, Sasak ( Lombok Language is also included). It also illustrated with many artistic photos, and pictures. All depicting the scenery of Bali, the Balinese, local custom, markets, museum, volcanoes and rice fields.

All I can say, it is a good book.

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