Aug 31, 2007

Local Bali Food: The Suckling Pig

Beside lawar, the most popular food among the Balinese is roasted pig or suckling pig. During the special occasion like wedding, local birthdays, three months old ceremony for new born and other various celebrations the suckling pig always present. It is a special treat, favorite for most Balinese. You too can try the spicy suckling pig in Bali, the only question is where is the best place to eat suckling pig.

Suckling Pig foodstallOne of the best and popular place is a local food stall in Ubud centre. Ubud centre is a very busy cross road where the local art market (known as Ubud Market)and the Puri Saren (Ubud Palace) is situated.The suckling pig food stall is just in a little corner next the the Ubud village hall opposite of Puri Saren. Every local, passer by, police, and almost every body knows where the food stall is.You can't miss it.:-)

The name of the food stall, as you see on the photo, (forgive my bad quality of camera phone, it's a Sony Ericsson k700i) is called Bu Oka. Well, it is belong to a lady called Bu Oka (Madam Oka).

suckling pig dishThis place is very popular among the local people in Ubud. Nowadays, not just the locals, but also expatriate living in Ubud as well as the tourists visiting this area want to try Bu Oka's special suckling pig recipe. It's the right place for you to try authentic Balinese food, I mean, really really authentic Balinese food.

A word of warning: you can get Bali belly if you are not used to spicy food. But if spicy food is no problem or pork is okay for you to eat, then "there is no reason not to try it."

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