Aug 18, 2007

Bali's Favourite Attraction

I often ask tourists question like, "what do you like best about Bali?" and though not conducting any proper questionnaire, I got a lots of answer from them stating that they like the friendliness of the Balinese. When they meet the Balinese as they walk in the street, in the hotel, in the village, the Balinese seems to be happy meeting other people. So, if you walk around yourself, you will probably experience it yourself where people say hello to you. Well, what your mom says about not talking to stranger is also true, but in Bali people say hello to stranger.

Next attraction besides people is the because it is inexpensive holiday in Bali. The low value of Rupiah (local currency) has made possible for many people from abroad to have luxury holiday in Bali. The weather is also another great attraction for many tourists. The consistent weather throughout the year is suitable for holiday at any time.

Other people find the Bali beaches as a world class surfing place, making it even more popular among the tourists, especially the surfers.

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