Aug 3, 2007

Cooking Lessons in Bali

Bali offers lots of tours, adventures, and activities you can choose from. Cooking lesson can be one of your option if you want to know how Bali food is prepared or cooked. There are several tour operators and restaurant that you can go to. Here are a few options.

Rural Charms Tour:

Take a walk in the street at Gulingan village before entering the pavilion located in the middle of a rice fields. You will learn how to cook yellow rice, chicken sate (chicken kebab with little peaces of meat on skewers so it can cook quickly), plecing kangkung (fried water spinach with sliced garlic, onion,big chilly, shrimp past and salt fried in coconut oil), Tum Be Pasih (steamed sea fish wrapped in banana leaf).

Bumbu Bali Restaurant Cooking Programme

For a more recipes and varieties, you can try cooking lesson at Bumbu Restaurant, located at Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua. This place is ideal for chefs and even home cooks. Even the kitchen is designed to look like Balinese kitchen.

The programme is started at six in the morning by visiting local markets, both fish and vegetable market near by. There will be discussion follows on what the program is about, and the cooking itself start at nine. Here are a few of the recipes :

1 Base Be Pasih: (Seafood Spice Paste)
2 Base Be Sampi: (Beef Spice Paste
3 Base Be Siap: Chicken Spice Paste
4 Base Gede Basic: Spice Paste
5 Saos Kacang: Peanut Sauce)
6 Kuah Siap: Chicken Stock )
7 Sambal Tomat: Spiced Tomato Sauce
8 Sate Ayam: Chicken Satay
9 Sate Sampi: Beef Satay
10 Sambel be Tongkol: Tuna Salad
11 Be Paih Mepanggang: Grilled Fish
12 Siap Mepanggang: Grilled Chicken
13 Sambal Udang: Prawn in Hot Sauce
14 Be Siap Base Kalas: Chicken in Spiced Coconut Milk
15 Ayam Pelalah: Shredded Checken in Chili & Lime
16 Gado-Gado: Vegetable Salad in Peanut Sauce
17 Be Celeng Base Manis: Pork in Sweet Soya Sauce
18 Pesan Be Pasih: Fish Grilled in Banana Leaf
19 Satay Lilit: Minced Seafood Satay
20 Turn Bebek: Minced Duck in Banana Leaf
21 Be Sampi: Mebase Bali Braised Beef in Coconut Milk
22 Nasi Goreng: Fried Rice
23 Bubuh Injin: Black Ride Pudding
24 Kambing Mekuah: Braised Lamb in Coconut Milk
25 Sambel Matah: Raw Chili in Lemongrass Dressing
26 Hasil Bumbu Laut Kuning: Assorted Seafood in Yellow coconut Milk

Casa Luna Restaurant Cooking Lesson (Ubud)

Located in the main street in Ubud, casa Luna is very popular place for dining and learning cooking Balinese food. Varieties of recipes are introduced, for exmaple: Kare Tempe - Tempeh Curry, Urab Pakis - Fern Shoot Salad, Sambal Tuwung - Roasted Eggplant Sambal, and Kuah Ikan - Fish with Lemongrass & Tomato.

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