Jul 3, 2007

Jatiluwih, The Rice Field Village

Jatiluwih, a village in the middle part of Bali, is a very popular village that has a unique and beautiful scenery. The scenery is made up of rice terraces after rice terraces that spread around the village. Situated in approximately 1100 meters above sea level, the temperature is a bit cooler compared popular tourist place like Kuta, and Nusa Dua. Standing in the highest point you can see as far as you can rice fields spreading forming little hills. Coconut trees are also present in the background along with cocoa, coffee, and different plantation with the blue sky in the distance.

You can walk on the rice field path and watch from a closed distance the Balinese farmer plough their land with their cows. In another part, you can see other groups of farmers plant the rice one by one into the wet soil. Still in this village, there are farmers who already harvest their rice and load them into trucks to bring home.

Jatiluwih is about one half hour drive from Denpasar. To reach this village, you need to drive west into Tabanan town, and from this town you can go north to the direction of Mount Batukaru. Consulting a map of Bali, this place won’t be so hard to find.

The good news is there are other places to visits. First, you can stop at Pura Luhur Batukaru, a very important Balinese Hindu Temple, located at the slope of Mount Batukaru. To enter the temple, you need to wear a sarong which is provided at the temple gate. The announcement of the do and don’t’s are written on a board near the gate. Some of the announcement may sounds funny to you, I will write about this in another post.

Next, passing Jatiluwih village, you will arrive in a village called Baturiti. There is a nice local restaurant over looking beautiful rice field terraces where you can stop for a meal, just a cup of Bali coffee or just for a photo stop. Well, what can I say, have a nice journey.

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