Jul 18, 2007

Bali Quad Driving Adventure: A Unique Way To Explore Forests and Villages of Bali


Forget about sight seeing tour on a bus, this one is quite uniqe way of enjoying beautiful Bali’s sceneries. You are going to drive a quad for 18 kilometers on scenic journey in Payangan village 15 kilometer south of Kintamani where the Batur volcano located, passing forests and rice fields by Ayung river. Imagine the lush green vegetation, fresh air cleanse your lungs and the adrenalin rushing in your blood.

What will you experience in this quad adventure? Well, you will see a lot of beautiful sceneries. You will see:

Rice fields spreading in your left and right as you hold the steering wheel. Farmers ploughing and planting rice on a wet and muddy fields with their smiling happy faces.

Coconut trees, snake skin fruit tree ( the skin of the fruit is just like snake skin, and the taste of the fruit is like anaconda :-)), cocoa plant, cloves, jackfruit, papaya, bamboo forests, and varieties of colorful flowers. You can stop briefly anywhere you like to admire the scenery, or to taste the snake skin fruit. Be careful when removing the skin, it can hurt your finger. You can also try sipping Bali coffee on this tour, sure it will give you a boost.

Bali Hindu Temples, as you pass villages, can be seen in your journey. It’s the island of thousands temples, where every home has their own family temples and every village has three main temples for worshiping respectively God’s personification as Brahma, Visnu and Shiva.

One of the best and real panorama of Bali as it is not touched by tourism, where you will meet friendly locals leading their every day life who will wave to you saying hello. And the children who shout "halo toris!!" (meaning, hello tourist!!) .

At the end of the tour, you will stop at a restaurant to have your lunch while wandering why was the drive so short:-(

So, next time you visit Bali, this idea of exploring villages and forests in a quad drive can be a great adventure to try.

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