Jun 1, 2007

Simple Bali Snack


In earlier post, I have written about Balinese like drinking coffee or tea in the morning, at noon, or even in the evening. More people drink coffee to tea or milk. And usually when we drink coffee we have something else with it, be it Bali cakes that you can buy at the local markets or just boiled sweet potatoes as you see in the pictures. Those potatoes as the their name suggest, taste sweet.

There are several kinds of sweet potatoes grown in Bali. The most common one is the white sweet potatoes with pink skin. There are also orange potatoes and purple potatoes. What you see in my photo are the white and orange ones.

Balinese drink coffee and have snack at their leisure time. During the heat of the day, they sit at a pavilion called Bale Bengong or Sikepat chatting with their friends and families. People can also have snacks and coffee at their rest in between works, for example, farmers resting in the midday before resuming planting rice at their rice field. In every occasion there will always be coffee, but not necessarily the accompanying snacks. And boiled or steamed sweet potatoes is one of the Bali favorite for snack.

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