Jun 25, 2007

Great Diving Sites in Bali

Diving in Bali has been very popular for many divers from all over the world. Bali has a unique and beautiful diving sites. There are plenty of colouful tropical fish, a large variety of sponges and fascinating gorgonian and sea fans. Each diving site has its own characteristics which you can explore by yourself.


Situated in East Bali, about two hours drive from Denpasar. The site has a very slow current so it is good for beginner and under water photography.


About half an hour drive east of Amed is another diving site called Tulamben. It is an excellent diving sites where you can see a very old ship wreck. It was a trade ship "US Liberty' from the era of the second world war. Lying 6 meters below the surface, the ship wreck is covered by many kinds of corals. You can feed the fish here. This site is good for both beginner and professional divers. Like Amed, Tulamben has slow current that it is very good for under water photography.


Located in Western tip of Bali close to the West Bali National Park. The site is famous for spectacular wall diving and drop offs. Deep water sea fas, colorful sponges, as well as black coral trees can be seen witnessed here. Fish? There are plenty of fish like jackfish, and friendly barracuda. The site is suitable for all season diving.


Beautiful underwater sceneries can be found in Sanur. With lots of colorful tropical fish you can see at the depth of 6 to 18 meters. Experienced diver can dive into Sanur Shark Point to see white tip reef sharks at the depth of 28 meters.

Those are a few of the diving sites available in Bali. But if you visit Bali and never dive and would like to give it a try you can join introductory diving courses in Bali. For more information you can visit Ena Dive Centre or Bali Diving Perdana.

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