Jun 2, 2007

Bali Temple Festival

525500582_5b9ca29897A Hindu Bali temple festival takes place every 210 days or six months(which is a year according to the Bali lunar calendar). In this special day, the local villagers prepare themselves to pray at the temple. The children are very excited and wear their best clothes to go to the temple.

The ceremony at the temple usually started from early morning and finish late at night. The people will come more in the afternoon or early evening. The ladies brings offering on their heads; the offering is made of cakes, fruit, and coconut leafs. The men bring incense and flowers as these will be needed when praying.

A temple festival is also the precious moment where people gather in the temple yard. So, a temple is not merely a place for praying, but it has turned to be a social place where friends and relatives meet each other. They talk about everything in the outer yard of the temple. This is also where they can watch dances performed by the local girls.

At the temple festival you can see dances performed by the local people.There are two kind of dances: public dance and spiritual dance. Public dance is for public show and is shown on the outer temple yard. Spiritual sacred dance can be only performed at the temple in the inner yard for completion of ceremony or prayer.

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