Jun 26, 2007

Bali Bird Park at Singapadu Village

On your way traveling to Ubud from Denpasar you will pass a village called Singapadu.(It takes about one hour from either Kuta or Nusa Dua). Singapadu has become quite popular because the Bali Bird Park is located here. Many visitors who love observing birds both local and tourist will happily spend hours strolling in the park.

625542664_5f42647df2It is quite a big bird park with collection of over 250 bird species from all over the globe. The Taman Burung, or the Bali Bird Park, was built in 1995 and has collected exotic birds from Bali, Lombok, Indonesia, Africa, Asia, Australia and America. The endangered Bali bird, the white Bali starling can also be seen some where in the tropical Bali bird Park.

To name a few birds, there are the Bird of Paradise from Papua, Australian Cockaburra (did I spell it right?), Australian Pelican, Major Mitchels, many kinds of Owl, Parrots, Crowned Pigeon, Flamingo, Scarlet Ibis, Toucan, Golden Pheasant (colorful bird), Cockatoo, a varieties of eagle from different places, cassowary and (stupid) Galah. Some birds are kept in cages, and the rest is let wandering in the park. But they are quite well fed and taken care of. There is a bird show; bird feeding every day at 11 AM, so make sure you come at this time of the day to watch it.

You can walk around the park and feel that you are in the middle of rain forest. If you want, there are local tour guides that can lead your adventure. They will explain to you briefly about the birds here. It's really exciting journey, because, besides all those birds, Bali Bird Park has variety of over 300 exotics trees planted all over the park which you can see as you explore it. These trees are not just native to Bali, but also brought in from many other countries.

At the end of your adventure, you can take your pictures with the birds (parrot and cockatoo) in your shoulder and in your hand. You can also have it printed on T Shirt, it's available in the park. A restaurant is another facility you can find here. This is a good place to rest, and order a few Bintang beer to unwind after your "jungle" adventure. Oh, no need to worry, those birds won't snatch your food or drink.

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