May 28, 2007

One Day At Kedaton Monkey Forest

I was sipping my Bali coffee at a small cafe while waiting for the clients that have gone into the monkey forest with the local guide, when somebody came and said to me that one of my tourists had been bitten by a monkey. Possibly a big monkey, he remarked.

And so, I walked quickly into the forest entrance and saw that Sue, the tourist, has been surrounded by the locals that gave her first aid treatment, some betadine, and bandage. Many visitors and tourist (well, visitors are local and tourist are foreign visitor :-) )gathered to see what happened.

Every body seemed quite panic, and talked and talked in Balinese, the language that Sue did not understand. That made her more worried. (Well, luckily, I understood. I am a Balinese)

A police car arrived and two officers came out of it. Surely they were not going to "apprehend" the monkey, but they only would take Sue to the Tabanan Hospital. I went with them taking Sue because I was only the one who spoke English and Balinese.

Sue got in at the back seat, while I jumped in at the front besides the police who drove the car. He was proud of his Motorola handy talky that worth USD 1000 a unit. The drive to the hospital was fast although there were so many cars and motor bikes on the street. This was because every now and then the police officer put on the siren to clear the route. Somehow this make Sue felt honored. And later she said," the siren is quite handy, isn't it?" "This is the fastest Bali travel I ever had."

We arrived at the hospital. They were also very quick and efficient treating Sue's wound.

And so, that was it, my story for today.

Oops, I haven't paid the coffee at the café in the monkey forest.

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