Nov 25, 2006

Lawar Barak: The Real Bali Food They Never Tell You

Do you know Bali well enough that you've tried this food before? The food that I am talking about here is called lawar. It is made of mixture of spices and sliced and minced pork. But there is another special ingredient that is going to blow your mind; it is raw pig blood.

Lawar is a special food for Balinese. People make lawar on special occasion like holy day or temple festival. (There is a Holy Day coming next week called Galungan, I will write about it in a few days). It can also be found at wedding feast, or tooth filling ceremony. You can buy lawar at food stall all over Bali, especially those selling suckling pig.

Is it really raw blood?

Before we go on to that discussion, let see what are the ingredients needed to make lawar. First, we need a complete combination of spices (called Basa genep). The Basa Genep consists of onion, garlic, pepper, turmeric, chili, salt, ketumbar (I'll have to check the English translation later), fried onion, shrimp paste, and ginger. What do we do with all those? Well, we will grind it with mortar and pester until it turns soft. On the mean time, the pork is boiled in hot water.

Okay here is the complete walk through (?)

  • Grind the basa genep, and fry it half cooked in coconut oil.

  • Boil the pork ( preferably the skin part), when it is well cooked, put it out, slice it and mince it.

  • Prepare coconut, and grate it. Use the Bali grater, please.

  • Put the raw blood on the bowl and pour it with coconut oil, and mixed it. (the oil first must be fried until half cooked, it must not be hot.)

  • Mix the grated coconut with the raw blood and the basa genep.

  • Mix the all these; grated coconut, raw blood, and the minced pork together.

  • Put the fried onion, and bay leaf.

  • Well, that's it. Your lawar is ready to be served.

If you suspect you can have Bali belly, don't try it. Please consult your doctor before doing this. Do not this try at home without any supervision of any adult member of family. I don't personally consume lawar barak, Kentucky Fried Chicken is more appealing to me. But there are many, many, many people in Bali that will feel more than happy to eat the special meal we call lawar barak.

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  1. Anonymous12:16 AM

    I enjoy reading your blog-Very good sense of humour and very lively.

    Anyway Ketumbar in English is Coriander

    Good Day to you!