Nov 16, 2006

The Journey to the North Bali

Going on a tour to North Bali can be exciting if you enjoy watching the lush area of Bali with the view of hills and lakes. There are many places to visit to enjoy the scenery and breath fresh air along the road.

Your first stop is at Pacung village where you can see beautiful scenery of rice field and vegetables plantation. The farmers of this village plant many kind of vegetables like cabbages, potatoes, carrots, and radish. Along the way you will also find various kind of flowers grown in the farmers field like marigold, or roses. There is also special flowers they grow for making religious offerings. They sell their crops in markets in Denpasar and in Bedugul which is your next stop.

Bedugul is a local market where you can find spices, flowers, and vegetables. Well, I don't think you will be doing any cooking on your vacation in Bali, so there is no need to haggle for vegetables. But, it is a very colourful pasar (pasar is the word for market in Indonesian or Balinese). As you get here, there will be some street vendors that will try to sell watches. They are only copy of those international watches. Those street vendors are quite humorous saying that they have a hundred year guarantee and a free plastic bag for wrapping the watches.

There many fruits also for sale in this market. Durian, mangosteen, oranges, mandarin, star fruit, passion fruit can be easily found here. I recommend you to try the mangosteen. You'll like it.

About 2 kilometers to the north of the market, you will see the beautiful Ulun Danu Temple situated by Lake Bratan. Once you step your feet in the temple yard (oh, don't forget to dress appropriately), you will feel calm and peaceful. The temperature is cool, and the air is fresh.  Ulun Danu Temple (meaning heart of the lake) is a Balinese Hindu temple built in the seventeenth century. It is temple for all Balinese Hindu to worship The Almighty God.

Your journey will continue to the north passing everlasting lush area of forest and hills. As you ascend to the hills heading to north, you will see another lake called Lake Buyan located on the valley below you. You can see some Balinese spending their time fishing on the lake. Then the street (which sometimes full of monkeys trying to find food) will split into two. Turning left will lead us to Munduk Village, and to the right to Gitgit. You can take any direction because they will both go Singaraja (northen town of Bali)..

If you take the route to Munduk village, you will see blue hills and valleys because they are covered by hydrangeas. You will also see another lake, Lake Tamblingan. In fact, Lake Bratan and Lake Tamblingan are close to each other that sometimes we refer them as the twin lake. So, there you are standing on the hill watching the lakes shimmering and reflecting the gentle sun light.

Resuming your journey to the north, you will arrive at a small town called Seririt, and next Lovina, a popular tourist destination with black sandy beaches and dolphin. You can rest here and watch the sea. There restaurants where you can stop too.

Going back to Denpasar, you can take a different route to Gitgit village. What's in Gitgit village? Well, there is a 42 meters water fall in the middle of clove forest. You can shower yourself with the cool water of the waterfall. That means you'll get wet, so prepare change of clothes.

Okay, those are the places you can visit on your vacation to North Bali. I hope you find this useful info.

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