Nov 23, 2006

Denpasar: A Glimpse to Bali Real Life

Not many tourists go to Denpasar. It less popular compared to Kintamani (volcanic panorama in middle Bali) or the spectacular sun set at Uluwatu or Tanah Lot or any other tourist destination. But if you want to experience the suburban Balinese life style, Denpasar, which was defeated by Dutch in 1906, is a perfect example. Here you can go to the Kumbasari or Kreneng market and see for your self how a Balinese haggle over price on their daily needs. Not only that, you can visit Bali Museum which will present you information about the Bali culture, history, and daily life as well as religious festival in Bali society.

All right, now I will take you to Kumbasari market. The market is located on Gajah Mada street and is divided into two by a river. In this market, you'll see various things for sale ranging from daily needs such us rice, fish, meat, and vegetables. You can find this in the eastern part of the market, in the east of the river. The western part is where a lots of art and crafts  are for sale. A word of warning, it  is very hot, humid, and smelly especially in fish and chicken section. But I must say, this a different experience that you should not miss. There is another thing, this market opens at 4, but I think the sellers have made themselves ready long before 4 AM. And it closes at 12 AM. It is like a 24 hours market, just like the Forex Market, except this market does not know Saturday or Sunday off.

The Museum Bali is located the heart of Denpasar. It is  located on Mayor Wisnu Street  close to Jagathnata temple (the main temple in Denpasar) and Catur Muka monument (the monument of four faces for a remembrance of the fight until death against Dutch in 20 November 1906.) The idea and the plan to build this museum was started at 1910 because of the need to preserve the Balinese culture and art. The building, combining the concept of temple and palace structure (I hope I put this thing correctly (smile)), was started at 1925 and opened for public 1932.

What are they in the museum? Ok. Let see, you will find the prehistoric stuff like sarcophagus, little statues, keris or dagger, endek fabric, things we use in religous festival, and masks. You will also see several collection of antique weapon like old rifle, pistol, binocular and cannon from 1906. or older I wonder how much this thing will sell on .

There is another place we will go this time. This is called Ardha Candra or the Art Centre. This is the centre of cultural activities like dance, drama, or music performances. Every year, between June and July, a festival called Bali Art Festival or Pesta Kesenian Bali is conducted. So, best time to come to witness all these is during those time. The festival has many participants from all regencies in Bali. There is also participant from abroad like from Japan.

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