Nov 23, 2006

Care For A Little Adventure?

There are lots of things you can experience while you are in Bali, instead of just sipping beer by the hotel pool. You can have many types of water sports, white water rafting, sailing, fishing, dolphin watching and elephant safari, a visit to Bali bird park, cooking lesson, learning surfing and even bungee jumping. Well, are you ready for a little adventure?

  • Elephant Safari Ride through Bali rural area. One of the biggest elephant  park in Bali located in Taro village, it is about 30 kilometres drive from Denpasar (the capital city). You can take photos with the elephant, watch them playing football (well, soccer!), paint on a canvass, or bathing in the pool. There is advertisement once that makes me smile, "you can buy elephant manure here in the park". They claim that elephant manure is one of the best in the world. Well, if you are interested,  you can try it for your garden at home. There is also an interesting museum about elephant, and even there is a skeleton of mammoth in it. There is a restaurant in north east corner, where you can have meal while watching the elephants play  in the park. These Sumatran elephants are so amazingly clever that you'll surprise your self.

  • White Water Rafting. Two of Bali rivers, Ayung and Telaga Waja, become an exciting arena for this sport. This is also my favourite activity. Ayung river located in Ubud has grade 2 to 3 in difficulty that it is suitablle for beginner or those who never raft before in their life. Telaga Waja in the east is for grade 4. Before paddling your raft, the tour guides (all of them are humorous, I think that is one of the requirement to be wwr guide, as you know, I am the land tour guide) will give instruction and a set of gestures of what to do when you raft. Once you hit the water, you'll feel nervous if you never done it before. But at the end of your rafting, you will wonder why it is only a short trip.

  • Cruise to Nusa Lembongan. Nusa Lembongan is a tiny island at the bottom if you see in the Bali map. Your journey from Benoa harbour to Nusa Lembongan will take two hours. A lot of things you can do on the cruise ship or the catamaran or you can merely sightsee. As for me, I will usually get sea sick, so I will turn off myself from the world. White sandy beaches welcome you as you arrive in this sea weed island. You can snorkel, swim, dive, get into the submarine, ride the glass bottom boat, or ride the banana boat. (The availability of these activities depends on the cruise operator you choose). There is even a bike ride you can experience trhoughout the traditional village, I will prefer just driving a "limo" to a bike.  Or you can rest the facility or accomodation by the beach or just lying by the beach enjoying the gentle sun. Just get back when it becomes to hot, will you?

  • I think I will update this list in the future, maybe do some classification of the adventure. For today, I think this will give you a good information about activities you can do it in Bali.

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