Nov 8, 2006

Bali coffee tasting at Seribatu village

For you who are coffee drinker, this is a good news. If you are not, don't go away yet, there is something else that I am sure will catch your attention.

Besides rice, Bali grows various kinds of plants ranging from flowers, spices, fruits, and coffee. If you tour to Mount Batur, you will pass a village called Seribatu village (ca 15 kms from Kintamani). The villagers here, instead of planting rice, plant coffee, chocolate, cloves, vanilla, jackfruit (not johnfruit), snake skinned fruit, durian, and pineapple. You can stop here briefly and have a taste of Bali coffee and Bali chocolate. I have found out that most of you coming from UK, Australia, or US think that our coffee is strong. At least stronger than what you're used to.

How do Balinese like their coffee? Okay, I know that in the west you need to make seven decisions to have your coffee (is it white or black, late? decaffeinate or not? cream or no cream, milk or no milk? sugar or no sugar? and so on), here we always have our coffee black with little sugar. That's all. And we like strong coffee, maybe as strong as Turkish coffee, if not less.

For those of you who don't drink coffee, you can try a sip of our wonderful chocolate. You will also many chocolates trees growing in this village,  and there is also green beautiful scenery of various plantation that blanket the hills. That's going to be your different experience while having a vacation in Bali.

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