Oct 11, 2006

This is the real Bali Tour Guide Blog

My Name is Putu, you can call me Putu or you also can call me Jun. I got this nickname since I work in a travel agent called Tour East Indonesia. Warning: there are many Putu's in Bali, and sometimes I also get from wrong emails because they think I am Putu Bali Guide that they once knew in Bali.

I work as a tour guide in Bali, taking people around Bali showing them places of interest. Sometimes I also drive my self. But often there is a driver who accompanies me. Well, there is a saying, "Bali is a beautiful place... if you are not the one who is driving."

Anyway, I am going to write articles in this blog and my experience as a tour guide and driver. I have met many people from Australia, US, Canada, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and many other countries. You can say I have quite an experience because I have been working for quite some time since 1999. Here I will share any information that I think is interesting, useful, funny, bizzare so your visit to Bali next time will be a special travel because there so many things you can expect. It is not just a touristy place with pack of surfers, but it is a beautiful place to visit with friendly people and unique culture.

And before I start, please remember English is not my native language. But I will do my best to keep things simple, and striving to write grammatically.

That's all for now. I will see you soon.


  1. Hi June ,

    You have done well ,keep it up.
    We have been on tours with June and they have been great. He knows alot and will take you where ever you want to go.

    Wendy & Rick

  2. Hi June,
    it's a good blog. However, you need to add some more details about the sons who have to take care of their parents. They are not only their parents but also their ancestors who dwell in the sanggah or merajan.
    So, by taking care all of those stuffs the sons are provided with lands to manage and (not to sell and to have fun)to educate their offsprings that later they will do the same as what their parents and their parents' parents did in the past that ... the sanggah will never be one of the world's heritages that must be protected by UNESCO because no more HINDUS in Bali (because Balinese finds it easier to manage life with different religion and forget their sanggahs or merajans).