Oct 22, 2006

Questions and Answers About Bali

Do you have any question about Bali? Well, here are some questions asked to me by tourist when I did the tour in Bali.

Where is the most dangerous place to cross the streets in Bali?

The zebra crossing. Most Balinese will not stop in the zebra crossing unless it is located in the traffic light, and the red light is on. So, don't try crossing the street because the zebra crossing is there, but look around, if the coast is clear you can cross the street.

I see there are many yellow liquid in bottles for sale by the street. Are they some kind of beer?

Nope. They are petrol. You can buy petrol in petrol station and resell it for profit in bottles.

How many people are allowed on a motor bike?

I don't know. Maybe five. Son at the front, next father, then little sister, and last mother with baby in her hand. I don't count the puppy the son holds.

Why is there a black and white checkered cloth around statues or big trees?

The statues are actually shrines, not merely statues. The cloth is sign of respect to the gods.

What about drink and drive?

We don't have drink and drive problem. Balinese are not so keen on drinking beer.

What about the palm wine or rice wine? Doesn't it contain 35% alcohol?

Only small insignificant percentage of Balinese drink arak (the rice wine or palm wine).

Are marriages arranged in Bali?

No, they are not. OK, maybe there are people of "high caste" who prefer to get married with other with the same caste in order to keep the purity of the bloodline.

What do the Balinese people believe?

Most Balinese practice Hinduism. There is one God, but the God has many manifestations. The three main manifestations are god Brahma, Wisnu, and Siwa (creator, preserver, destroyer or it is associated with birth, life and death)

Do Balinese celebrate Christmast?

No. We don't.

Is it true that eating is not a social activity?

If you are talking about business lunch, forget it. Balinese don't really talk when they eat. (It is also not a time when the father asks the son," How is school today, son?" ) We eat relatively fast. Maybe because there is a saying in the society that "if you eat fast, you work fast." A few modern Balinese do adapt to western way of wining and dining.

Is it true that son is more important than daughter in Balinese family?

The Balinese is patrilineal that viewed male is responsible in the family. Furthermore, it is the obligation of the son to take care of their parents as they grow older, instead of taking them to foster home.The daughter will go away as she get married following her husband. That's why the family give more facility for the son because the role that he takes, for example, he will get land inheritance that the daughter does not get. Nowadays, it has changed a lot. Both son and daughter get same facility, they both get same education or inheritance. (this is from my personal observation only though)

Is true that Balinese eat dog meat?

No. It's not.

What is the typical Balinese food?

We eat rice every day. Rice and chicken, rice and omellete, rice and vegetables, rice and tapioka, rice and sweet corn. Rice, rice and rice. If you go to KFC or McDonnald, they also serve rice and chicken. We are not so fond of burger. Most Balinese don't eat beef because of Hinduism view cow as sacred animal. Personally, I consumed beef.

That's all questions that I can think of right now. If you have any questions feel free to email me, or just leave comment here. I really appreciate that. Thanks.


  1. hi, im planning on going to bali on october, i will be coming from the philippines and i have booked a flight to kuala lumpur. can you recommend airlines that offer the cheapest fares from kuala lumpur to bali? thanks

  2. you can take airasia..


  3. i have been to bali many times... i stumbled upon your blog today.. love it! Great information for people coming to visit.