Oct 13, 2006

Durian: The Fruit That Smells Like Hell But Taste Like Heaven

I was on tour yesterday to a place called to Kintamani. It is where you can see beautiful 1717 meter high mount Batur as well as lake Batur that lies at its bottom. On the way to Kintamani, we stopped in a fruit stall because one of the tourist wanted to know a kind of fruit called durian. Do you know this fruit? This fruit has caused me to think and ask my self question I never can answer. 

Durian is a fruit is a popular fruit in Bali or Indonesia. It is also popular other asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore or Hongkong. It "tastes" delicious. But you can not eat much durian since it can raise your body temperature. Well, you can't have fever having durian, just kind of unpleasant feeling.

But still it is one of popular fruit in Bali. I think about ninety percent of the population like durian. So, that's why you will find its price is higher than any other local fruit.

What's Durian look like? Well, it is about the size of melon and has spikes around it. To open it, you have to crack it. Inside is creamy white flesh, that's what you eat. Don't eat the date, though.

What so special about this fruit is its "stinking smell". You are not allowed to bring this fruit into hotels, or airport or restaurant. Especially restaurant, because it will wipe away people appetite. This is only true to western people though. Because the Balinese thinks the smell of Durian is very good.

So, that's what been bothering me. A tourist I asked said it smelled like "toilet that has not been flushed for twenty years" (I think he is kidding) but we say it has nice smell. Wow, that is just strange, is n't it? The western think it smells bad, and on the contrary, Balinese thinks it smells good.

What do you think?

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  1. I think durian smells like heaven and tastes like paradise.
    It is a great celebration of the wonders of nature, a pleasure for all living creatures, a dream come true.